English Education

The English curriculum is designed around “ideas” where the focus of the lessons are not only on the mastery of the English language, but on the substance of what is expressed. Here, English is not the goal, but an alternate means to express substantive content meant to engage, persuade, and inspire discussion.

It is often cited that English has become the most common medium for communication in international settings. However, in countries where English is not the first language, the acquisition of practical English can be challenging when limited to the traditional English language curriculum offered at schools, which teach to standardized tests rather than teach to open future opportunities in the real world. At Global Reach, proven English language instruction that nurtures how to think rather than what to think is reflected in our curriculum, and taught by impassioned instructors.

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English Education Programs

1. Practical English for Business Professionals The need for competency in English will only increase in importance in the Business world in the years to come. For non-native English speakers, the increasing possibility of being sent abroad and the criteria of higher English ability for promotion considerations only intensify the necessity of English acquisition. Our objective is not simply English conversation, but for our clients to develop communication skills that enable them to express content which they would express in their native language in various business scenes. We also provide language instruction for conferences and presentations. 2. Interpreting/Translating Services We provide interpreting services between Japanese and English. We have experience providing such services at international forums where business and academia are well represented. At such events, the interpreter will travel with the client to the overseas location. Assistance in any prior preparation will also be provided. Also, translation services between English and Japanese are available. Our clients include university researchers who request translation work or documents to be checked by native English speakers in addition to translation of websites and other documents. In addition, feel free to consult us regarding the preparation of presentation slides.

3. Elementary to Middle School English For a high level of mastery of a foreign language, exposure at an early age becomes highly advantageous. The beginning learner will start with acquainting herself/himself to the English language, and progressively learn more complex grammar constructions. Once a foundation in grammar is established, higher forms of spoken and written expression are developed. Our goal is for the learner to have fun while maintaining a steep learning curve. There is the risk that the child will acquire a distaste of English if taken to a cram school for examinations. On the other hand, our lessons are presented in a constructive, yet fun way by teachers who have rich teaching experience. Here the child learns in a fun and effective environment. 

The elementary and middle school English curriculum is tailored with the possibility of study abroad at one of our partner schools. Our goal is to prepare students interested in participating in a top level study abroad program by equipping them with the language ability and cultural awareness for as smooth a transition into their new environment as possible.