Message from the CEO

We are an education institution whose vision is to develop youth capable of meeting the challenges of a globalized future.

My resolution to begin this company grew from the concern over the chronic complacency in the current Japanese education system. This system has failed to sufficiently evolve to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. forewarning a significant degeneration in international competitiveness.

It can be argued that it is the responsibility of the current generations to provide such an education, which does not place children in a clear disadvantage when they are ready to perform on the world’s stage.

It is with these considerations that Global Reach has launched the following five programs:

  1. Preschool Education “With You”: year 5 and under
  2. Current Affairs: Elementary to High School
  3. Employment Support: Bachelor and Master Degree holders
  4. English Education: Elementary to University students, business professionals, University researchers, etc.

Age range and lesson structure differ among the programs, yet the underlining objective for all of them is to nurture the capacity to excel in our diverse and fast changing world.

At Global Reach we believe that a basic condition for success is a firm grounding in one’s own identity, and that this is essential in developing the strength of character necessary to gain the respect of peers regardless of nationality. 

In other words, for our children to meet the challenges of a global society, an education that promotes the constructive engagement of ambiguous and controversial issues in a way that fosters the ability to think on one`s own on the one hand, and cultivate respect for alternative opinions on the other, becomes the foundations for one`s own identify in a way that is not merely ego centric self-assertion.

Governments, corporations, and university researchers should not be the only ones planning our future, but also actively designed by all those who are capable of making a positive difference in our collective future.

I invite all children to think with us about the direction our global community should prosess.

Kotaro Fukudome

CEO, Global Reach Co., Ltd.

CEO background

1988: The Fuji Bank, Limited: Bond Market Division

2001: JP Morgan: Managing Director and Head of Bond Sales: Presided over all domestic bond sales departments

Deutsche Bank: Managing Director and Head of Derivative Sales Division until 2009 April

2009: April Admitted into Keio Business School: Focus on Japanese government industry policy and corporate strategy

Concern over the current situation in Japan leads to the realization that education has an important role to play in Japan’s future growth.

2011 March: Completes Master of Business Administration program (MBA).

2011 April: Established Global Reach